Saturday, 6 November 2010

Day 5, Day 6, F1!

Day 5 went okay. I've managed to keep up and slightly over each day's word count - 1667 per day to keep on track. Now it's day 6!

Sinbad is doing very well, too. I say this not just because of his wordage, but because I've been lucky enough to have read part of his novel ... and I'm much looking forward to the next instalment, too (hint ;)).

It's saturday (day 6), and qualifying for the pennultimate FI Grand Prix at Interlagos in Brasil is this afternoon. W00T! I'm rooting for Mark Webber, an Australian who is, most people think, being royally fucked over by his team in preference of his younger teammate Sebastian Vettel. Much as I love the sport I think it's a shame that, yet again, it's all down to age. Webber is 34, and, as far as F1 goes, considered close to 'over the hill.' Vettel is 23 and the new golden boy. Michael Schumacher who is seven times world champion, and whose comeback has been truly (not Jarno ;)) awful, is 41.

F1 is a bit like ... well, I suppose all sports. Most armchair aficionados think they could do as well. Now, I know I couldn't really beat Vettel. Much like I couldn't win at worldclass tennnis, snooker, darts or morris dancing (shudder - Morris dancing, the one pastime you can happily keep). But I like to think that, given the chance, I could.

What isn't ageist is NaNoWriMo. Indeed, NaNoWriMo is a thing we can all do (he says confidently, on day 6). So onwards and upwards!

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