Thursday, 3 January 2008


Yeah, right, so Tardy again. Even though I swore I'd journalise or blog every day, it seems I've missed a couple. Well there it is.

So ... where am I? Nearly bloody 50 and still unfulfilled. This year will - WILL - be different. I'm positively not going to fuck about anymore. No, I'm not.

Resolutions - for what they're worth:

1) Sell the house and get out of financial ruin
2) Find a new place for B, M and I to live, and live there ;)
3) Finish both my part written novels
4) Get a literary agent
5) Get a music publishing deal
6) Gig regularly
7) Write a short story a month - I was going to say a week, but bloody hell.

I'm sure there are more ... umm.

8) Apologise to my sister, and go and see her.
9) divest myself of all the crap and stuff I don't need or really want.
10) sort out the studio and computers and backup!

That's enough to be getting on with.