Monday, 22 November 2010

Day 22 - part I

I'm writing this at the beginning of day 22. Or close: it's 03.20. I've just caught up and past day 21's 35,000 mark and am off to the sack at 35,596.

I'm really getting into the story, but typically, I have so many threads and sub-plots going on I really do need a proper working outline. And something a tad better than Page4 to work on. Maybe Scrivener will end up being the tool of choice?

what I definitely need to do once I've got to the end is read it -- printing is the only way to go -- and start the first re-write before I put it to one side, as I've done with the other three NaNoWriMo novels I've written.

I very much want to hold 'Hellion' as in 'an actual book' and record it for Podcasting, too. Also, have it as a digital download. :)

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