Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Yonks too long.

I was trying to get a handle on the plethora of email accounts I seem to have, when I stumbled upon a reference to this blog. It's odd: I'd completely forgotten I had it, but not entirely surprising, considering the last entry was on the 1st Jan 2011. In the ever faster world we live in that's almost a lifetime ago.

So where am I now, I muse. Still, I haven't finished a novel, though I have written a lot more short stories which you can find at Camy's Gaff.

My band, Kamakura, became a five piece. We gigged, on and off, for most of 2012. Then we split. As the 'frontman' - ya, right, snort - I found out how to get over stage fright. Had we been 20 years younger we might well have had a real shot. Sadly, it's too late, which is a bummer, but good to finally come to terms with.

So here's the advice. Youth is everything in our society. If you want to become a 'star' you have to do it NOW and not talk about it for decades. That said, good music is everlasting and the song's the thing.

Buy our album 'Dealing With Liquids' - or have a listen to it - HERE.

 I've now started an ebook creation business. There's a huge difference between an ebook and a well created ebook. The one's I create from writer's manuscripts are the best. I can also help writers with layout and design, as well as helping them with print on demand. If you're a writer and need help then please visit my website at www.JiffJaff.co.uk

That's me; now; in 2013. I've got a head full of songs that I'm going to record and put out solo (or with one other who knows who he is but shall remain nameless). I'm also working on finishing my first long form story.

My more recent blog is Congenerous.