Thursday, 4 November 2010

Day 3

I'm knocking off at 5,777 and going to veg out and watch 'Lie to Me.' I might come back and write some more before I shuffle off to bed, but sleep beckons.

As to content I'm pleased. I'm on chapter 4. Not that it's going entirely where I want it to - I'm not sure it is. It's actually going where it wants to go and I think I'm a sort of guide. This writing process is most peculiar. I honestly wonder if I do have some sort of muse that takes over and guides my tipetty typetty fingers. Perhaps an investigator into the paranormal might like to have a go with me. And no, that's not some sort of perverted sexual offer - just in case Blogger is reading this.

Umm, unless, of course, the investigator is cute ... and wealthy! Harmony vocals and bass playing would be good, too. And a Ferrari. Oh, and a studio in a big house in the country (if I'm going to dream I might as well dream). ;)


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