Friday, 22 December 2006


I written three chapters of Seraph in the last week, which brings me to the beginning of chapter nine, so I am now four chapters from the end.

It's true that there is no outline or plan, so twelve chapters is more a guesstimate than fact set in stone ... however it 'feels' right.

Saturday, 16 December 2006

Painfully Slow II

I've just finished a short story called 'Spuke' for the GA winter anthology. This means that I've written entries for every anthology this year. In fact the Spring Anthology is what started me writing in the first place.

I've also just finished chapter six of 'Seraph' which I'm enjoying thoroughly.

So what of 'King Of The Marsh'? Well, it's happening, but much like a snail swimming across a pool of gloss paint, it's painfully slow. ;)

And I'm still on bleedin' dial-up.

Why is it the faster things become, the slower we think they are? Why is it always, always greener elsewhere? Why is it that whatever we have we want more? Want the answer? Me too ... and I don't think it's 42.

Monday, 11 December 2006

painfully slow

The title is apposite as it relates to both my writing, and my bloody internet connection.

Nuff said? No? Ok then: I'm finishing off a short called 'Spuke' which is for the GA winter anthology. It's the tale of a ... well, you'll just have to wait and see. It's keeping me amused at any rate. Also I'm in the middle of chapter six of Seraph.

'King Of The Marsh' will be finished sooner rather than later and then sent off to my wonderful editor. Then to my almost-as-wonderful Beta reader (who doesn't know he's offered yet) and finally released as a chapter story. Fingers crossed.

Be well!

Saturday, 2 December 2006

This blogs future.

I've been asked if I intend to continue this blog, and now - thank you very much - I'm in a quandry. The answer is more than likely yes, though as far as I'm aware it only ever had a readership of two.

Though NaNoWriMo is over for the year, I'm going to be finishing 'King Of The Marsh' and also writing other stories, so I guess having a place to wail about 'things' isn't such a bad idea, especially as a blogger blog isn't tied to any particular site or group. It'll just be me and my thoughts ... not vastly interesting to anyone except the cats, and their reading skills are progressing rather slowly ;)

If anyone wants to link here please feel free, and I'll reciprocate if you'd like.

Friday, 1 December 2006

The day after

It's all a bit of an anticlimax really, especially as I spent most of today in an abortive attempt to get some new (read old cronk) wheels. A Volvo 460, that's 'going cheap'. Ah ha I thought, that's me. But the weather which was drear dank and drizzled perpetually set the tone for the whole abortive event. Meh. I shouldn't need a car, but I do. I should be putting the pony and trap to bed, but I'm not.

Luckily I caught a train within minutes, then a mere three mile walk in the pitch dark and rain to get home. Happy not. Happy Nano-er oh yes!

Now I'm doing nothing for a day, then I guess this thing called re-write beckons ... along with a short story for the 15th, and chapter 6 of Seraph.

Tuesday, 28 November 2006

"40,000 he said nonchalantly."

My NaNoWriMo 'Progress for Camy' says:
Current word count: 40042 (80.08 %) with 3 days left, with current pace, expected to finish in 8 days.

Ha! If they think I'm going to finish in 8 days they have another think coming. I'm doing this, and that's all there is to it. I am going to finish this novel in a month malarkey even if the heavens start raining frogs, or gold bullion. I will not be hoist by my own petard, I just won't. Besides which I don't own a suit of armour anyway.

So there!

Oooooooooh! Dear Lord hear my prayer.

Yep, cutting it fine is a family tradition, and though I might not look like Uncle Whojy, or Aunty Wors'e'name, they'd be proud. Proud I tell you! *wipes tear from eye*

As a good friend has just told me in MSN chat (another great way to lose years of your life - add it to a weekly count of the hours spent watching TV, and time spent on the computer and you might be tempted to end it all now) I only need to write 3,500 a day to get there. Yep thanks Kitty - wail howl gnash. ;)

Where was I? Oh yeah, cutting it fine.


Sunday, 26 November 2006

Sunday Sansho Shima

How's that for an semi alliterative title?

Being woken on a Sunday morning at 7.30am to be picked up at 8.30am to go to a Buddhist event and play two songs when you aren't a Buddhist is pretty impressive. I think so anyway.
Naturally I had a sore throat: tried to wimp out, then didn't. What I should have been doing was writing - which is what I should be doing now, rather than writing a blog entry.

Must get on...

Saturday, 25 November 2006

My Problem is...

... that finishing is not a huge problem, but validity is.

I've written some good 'bits' but as far as 'novels' go I know that a lot of this will get dumped, and I'm absolutely sure there are some major plot problems.

If I was writing this without a deadline I'd stop, now, and take time and re-read and tweak before continuing. This is logical. But I can't if I want to finish the 50,000, I have to carry on writing.

So I guess my question is: do I stop now? Or do I carry on hoping that what I'm writing will have a place somewhere in the finished 'Lord Of The Marsh'.

Gah! *tears hair* I'll stop thinking and carry on. Finish it, then write 'Blizzard' and then go back to it later...

Yep, that's what I'll do.

Useful things blogs. If only I could persuade it to paint the house.

less than a week to go, and I have an underlying feeling of hysteria. Oddly this is not being caused by NaNoWriMo, but by real life concerns. I'm ... well what I am is inconsequential.

Thursday, 23 November 2006


I didn't write anything yesterday. didn't feel like it.

Instead I went up to the woods and hacked apart a fallen tree, for firewood. Then I had to drag the bits home, and finally cut them up into small fire sized pieces.
Knackered I was, and ruined this morning ... trying to get out of bed was worthy of a news item. Ok, so a local news item. Not national.

Lordy lordy do my muscles ache. Still.

Just over 1,000 words today which leaves 9 days and 19,000 words. Doable if I care.


Monday, 20 November 2006

Creeping to 30 - ok, ok, 28,436 then.

12 days to go and still a shed load to do.

My prose is getting flowery, my dialogue verbose
I should become a poet, but my iambs are atroc ... ious

If pentameters have five feet where do they buy shoes?

... and why do they have to show 'Return of the King' during November. Grrr.

Bed methinks.

Saturday, 18 November 2006


Yes! yes, yes, yes yes yes!
Officially past halfway, and proud!
I shall have a 'leaping out of the halfway closet' party soon.

Just saying, 's all.

♥ to all.

Halfway and too much red, bloody red

Now past the halfway mark and I'm close to halfway which means behind, and not a cute one either.

I guess the hysteria kicks in with five days to go, so I'm aiming to have this 'put to bed' - a wonderful phrase - by the 27th. That's providing RL plays ball and I'm not a squidgy pile of straight jacketed angst ridden goo giggling in the corner. Even if RL does play ball the novel might well do the same thing, damn.

It's a stunningly beautiful crisp November day.

I've got to go out and gather wood for the fire, but then I shall be set for a *chortle* write in. Yeah, right.

Thanks to those who comment btw. It's nice to know somebody cares other than the Cats, who always seem to have ulterior motives.

Friday, 17 November 2006

Eroticism rules K O

I wrote the first erotic scene in the novel yesterday.
Yay for me, and umm, yeah It's erotic all right :D

The characters seemed to have a good time anyway.

Wednesday, 15 November 2006


20,000 words or 41 pages of 12pt arial, and 15 days left to write another 30,000.

NaNoWriMo is wonderful. I'd like to somehow translate the concept to the rest of my life, but I don't see how.

The deadline is only part of it. We all know that nothing is going to happen if we fail, except that we'll suffer from a huge sense of failure ... and whilst a real deadline would be illegal it would be a damn good premise for a novel.

What's really got me going is everyone else doing the same thing all over the planet. A wizzo meme made real.

Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Statistically inclined?

If you want to know more...


Finally I know pretty much what's going on and how it's all going to happen, and with only the minutiae left to sort out things should be sweetness ... except now the problem is that I've got so many different strands to keep track of and conclude I need a secretary. And the cat isn't helping.

I'm now 16 thousand words in, so that's 34 thousand to write which means 2000 a day.
It's doable, though I really shouldn't be thinking about the number of damn words, I should be thinking about plot, heroes, and villains. Too many characters and scenes for such an empty head.

Sunday, 12 November 2006


Rio, Oh Meo, Oh Myo!

For the first time ever I'm ahead as I wend my way bedwards. Ok so it's only 138 words ahead ... and I know by the time I get up tomorrow I'll be behind, but lawks-a-lordy as I write I'm one happy emu!


Saturday, 11 November 2006

catching up

Off to sleep, and only 1900 words behind rather than the 4,500 I was earlier. If I get up before the NaNo day changes, I might well catch up completely!

It was a bit of a drag, now it isn't, though I'm frankly getting bewildered at the twists and turns the plot seems to be taking without any help from me ... I'm almost beginning to wonder if I'm just typing someone else's story, but that would pre-suppose I have a psychiatric problem. Hmm.

Dio has reached 50,000 +

Runs off howling.

Nighty night.

Friday, 10 November 2006

Broken the Duck

Yep, I'm still behind, but I've got past the 10,000 barrier, and I've now got time to write, so I'm a relative happy chappy.

It's an odd thing, psychology. Why 10,000 words seemed such a hurdle is beyond me, but it did. Now I have to find a clever way to get my hero out of the Thames and hidden and dry before he freezes to death.

In other news:
• The floods have subsided and Kitty has still got a home, which is a wonderful thing. Congratulations! I get karmic credit for the anti-rain dance I dreamt up ... trademark pending.
• My car has died. I paid £60 for her a year and a half ago, and she's done 12,000 miles on a petrol and oil only diet. I'm thinking the neighbours might complain at a funeral pyre.

Wednesday, 8 November 2006

A new theory in trial.

I don't know if you had to write lines at school. For those who didn't it went like this: You get caught being bad, and have to write either 2 sides or 4 sides of lines - depending how bad you were. We had 'The Beatles Receiver Receives Receipts', don't ask me why (other than the I before E rule), or who made it up. The big debate was ... is it easier to write a page of 'The' followed by a page of 'Beatles' etc, or was it easier to write the whole line.... There was never a conclusion to this.

With NaNo I'm getting stuck writing in a linear fashion, from beginning to end. So now, and here's the theory in practice, I'm writing the scenes I know I need, BUT ... in no particular order. Clever eh!

Eventually (29th Nov) I'll have a finished novel, and somehow it seems so much easier doing it this way.

Friend in trouble

Due to severe weather in the North West US, Kitty, my friend and editor, has been forced by rising flood waters to leave her home. She is now ensconced in a Motel with her cats, and is pretty miserable.

If you read this, please send happy thoughts her way.

Love ya Kitty,


Monday, 6 November 2006

word counter

Damn, I'm taunted, daily, by the bloody word counter.

I nearly catch up, then decide to sleep - who wouldn't - only to be slapped in the face again the next morning - like the French character in 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail', who stands on the castle wall: "I taunt you, I taunt you, and then I taunt you some more! You silly English Kingé, you."

I need a wadge of words under my belt, that I can distribute to all and sundry with largess when I'm too bored to write.

Hey ho.

Oh yeah, the story's going well.

Sunday, 5 November 2006

Food sustaineth the auth

You can't do a good bit of authoring without snacks and cats, but not necessarily in that order.

I've tweaked the blog to reflect that I'm in the UK and not in California... Though honestly I wish I was. The weather is so much nicer. If I tried to go surfing here my bits would be frozen off. I digress.

I'm at the end of chapter 3, and I've slotted a whole lot of back story in, quite neatly (preen), including a rather nasty character called McCarthy. I'd hate to spend time with him.


Still a tad behind, but happy!

Word count low, but I REALLY know where I'm going, which is honestly coolness itself.

I had some plot problems which I've resolved, and so can shuffle off to schlaf without any worries. Except for a low word count ... but then I can always mug another wrimower for some of theirs. Bwahaha. Ahem.

Night all

Saturday, 4 November 2006

Saturday evening

Back, after having walked into a plate glass sliding door at a local mini mart.

I can't express what an utter arse I felt. What with M hovering like an over-wound fussing machine (albeit in the nicest possible way), and all the sniggers from smug, git faced shoppers. Anyhow I don't seem to have concussion, just a wee lump.

Fingers are nimble and limbered up. Now I have some serious keyboard hammering to do.


Up and ready for writing. But I have to go and rehearse. Balls. Still, I have high hopes my word count will be completely up to date by the end of the weekend as I've been thinking of nothing else but plot for the last ... well, quite a long time anyway.

As to publishing chapters as I go - which some worthy's are doing - I'm still unsure. My editor, bless her cotton socks, would probably not be keen. See what sweet excuses you can come up with if you try :)

Off to play guitar, back at it later.

Bed, perchance to up the word count

I've nearly caught up, and, and I say, I managed to snooze in front of the tube for an hour.
Meh, so I'm not that panicked ... yet.
I know where I'm going, and honestly I'm pleased with what I'm writing. It's - well I won't say good, and I won't say worthy, but I will say ... damn it, yes I will. it's good. So far. And once edited (looks far across the ocean, pleadingly) it'll be even better :)

PS I might rip out my broadband for the duration. Then again...

Friday, 3 November 2006

Right. In for the write in...

... and I'm not going to move until I've caught up.
No whinging anybody is going to drag me away from the computer until I've caught up, which means I could be here a while. Naturally I'm not going to be peeing in a bottle. Give me some credence for decency, and I might, just might go out for a brisk walk to clear my head. But NO TV. I don't care what's on. And NO VISITING WEBSITES to see what people are up to.

There. See how committed I am - or should that be committable?

Camy - who would like to thank those who have commented.

So... yep... it's getting there

I'm now well into my second thousand. Now I know this is behind schedule, but the weekend is coming up, and I'm gonna have lots of time to write... possibly.

The NaNo site is sooooo slow I can't believe it. It took me fifteen minutes to update my word count, so I'm going to do it 1,000 by 1,000 rather than word by word ;)

No news about my supposed co-writer who is going under the name of Bartello Towers. Idiot.
Still, as he will no doubt say, "Never mind eh!"

Back to it then.

Thursday, 2 November 2006

Two hours into day two

Well the news is that I'm nearly at half a thousand words on the page, and mostly they are good ones. Now I know that isn't a lot, and I'm actually a few thousand short of where I'd like to be ... but I do now know where I'm going, and so the writing will catch up ... well, that's the theory anyway. ;)

Bartello has also signed up, though I haven't spoken to him yet, so no news as to what the hell he's writing about.

Bed, perchance to chat with el Muse in dreamland.


Wednesday, 1 November 2006

1st post is the....

I've started! Yay for me.
My novel is tentatively called 'King of the Marsh' and is a post apocalyse love story, of sorts.
I'm just over 200 words in, which I'm happy about, since I didn't think I'd even get it together this year ... not that finishing is a given. Still, fingers crossed.

I'd hoped that Bartello was going to take part, but he hasn't as yet. Meh.