Sunday, 12 November 2006


Rio, Oh Meo, Oh Myo!

For the first time ever I'm ahead as I wend my way bedwards. Ok so it's only 138 words ahead ... and I know by the time I get up tomorrow I'll be behind, but lawks-a-lordy as I write I'm one happy emu!



Sandy said...

*Dio reads -608 and snickers*

I mean...GO TEAM!@!!!!! ^_^

Camy said...

Oh right, that's nice, snickering at my negativity.
You just wait Mr.I'm-all-right-jack-60,000+

My hero knows just what he's doing, and as soon as he tells me I'll be right there.... ;)

Kitty said...

As I am writing this, you're 21 words ahead!!!

Woo Hoo!!!

Kitty said...

uh oh ... now you're 448 words down. Get to work!!!

;) :D :D :D