Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Oooooooooh! Dear Lord hear my prayer.

Yep, cutting it fine is a family tradition, and though I might not look like Uncle Whojy, or Aunty Wors'e'name, they'd be proud. Proud I tell you! *wipes tear from eye*

As a good friend has just told me in MSN chat (another great way to lose years of your life - add it to a weekly count of the hours spent watching TV, and time spent on the computer and you might be tempted to end it all now) I only need to write 3,500 a day to get there. Yep thanks Kitty - wail howl gnash. ;)

Where was I? Oh yeah, cutting it fine.



Kitty said...

Your prayers have been heard. You have received special dispensation to use a deadline of December 1 at 12 AM Pacific Time instead of Greenwich Mean Time.

:) ;)

Camy said...