Saturday, 18 November 2006

Halfway and too much red, bloody red

Now past the halfway mark and I'm close to halfway which means behind, and not a cute one either.

I guess the hysteria kicks in with five days to go, so I'm aiming to have this 'put to bed' - a wonderful phrase - by the 27th. That's providing RL plays ball and I'm not a squidgy pile of straight jacketed angst ridden goo giggling in the corner. Even if RL does play ball the novel might well do the same thing, damn.

It's a stunningly beautiful crisp November day.

I've got to go out and gather wood for the fire, but then I shall be set for a *chortle* write in. Yeah, right.

Thanks to those who comment btw. It's nice to know somebody cares other than the Cats, who always seem to have ulterior motives.


Kitty said...

Is that looking out over your backyard? You live in the country, then. It looks very peaceful.

Camy said...

It is very peaceful. You can hardly hear the traffic and when it's not cloudy the stars are stunning... naturally when the Leonid Meteor shower was strutting its stuff it was very, very cloudy :(