Saturday, 4 November 2006


Up and ready for writing. But I have to go and rehearse. Balls. Still, I have high hopes my word count will be completely up to date by the end of the weekend as I've been thinking of nothing else but plot for the last ... well, quite a long time anyway.

As to publishing chapters as I go - which some worthy's are doing - I'm still unsure. My editor, bless her cotton socks, would probably not be keen. See what sweet excuses you can come up with if you try :)

Off to play guitar, back at it later.


Sandy said...

My secret is that I didn't give the blog space address to any of my editors and I've thrown my self-respect to the wayside. It's actually quite refreshing for a change.

Camy said...

Ah! I knew there was a secret involved. I like the idea of flinging the self respect. I'll go and look for a wayside.

Sandy said...

I think you can find one behind any chain fast-food restaurant.

Kitty said...

I'd never look ... :) ;)

Seems to me that when you're getting the words out on the page, self-respect ought to be the least consideration.

hoping I'm your friend first, editor second

Camy said...

You know you are :)