Friday, 3 November 2006

So... yep... it's getting there

I'm now well into my second thousand. Now I know this is behind schedule, but the weekend is coming up, and I'm gonna have lots of time to write... possibly.

The NaNo site is sooooo slow I can't believe it. It took me fifteen minutes to update my word count, so I'm going to do it 1,000 by 1,000 rather than word by word ;)

No news about my supposed co-writer who is going under the name of Bartello Towers. Idiot.
Still, as he will no doubt say, "Never mind eh!"

Back to it then.


Sandy said...

Hang in there Camy! ^_^

Slow and steady wins the race! Are you publishing your stuff anywhere as you write?


Kitty said...

Bartello Towers ... any relation to Fawlty Towers, perchance? ;)

And why can I feel you thinking maybe a bit too much as you're writing?

Kitty :)