Friday, 3 November 2006

Right. In for the write in...

... and I'm not going to move until I've caught up.
No whinging anybody is going to drag me away from the computer until I've caught up, which means I could be here a while. Naturally I'm not going to be peeing in a bottle. Give me some credence for decency, and I might, just might go out for a brisk walk to clear my head. But NO TV. I don't care what's on. And NO VISITING WEBSITES to see what people are up to.

There. See how committed I am - or should that be committable?

Camy - who would like to thank those who have commented.


Sandy said...

Go Camy GO!

And try to remember whenever you think you're crazy, that there's someone out there who is much, much crazier. So crazy, in fact, they make you look sane and normal.

Actually, a good system is the reward system. Say, make your goal 2000 words before you can eat dinner. Or 3000 words until you can go on the internet. 5000 words before you even think of touching the television, and repeat the next day.

Motivation motivation motivation!


Kitty said...

Or as a Buddhist teacher of mine used to say, "I've been a lot better off since I lost my mind."