Friday, 29 June 2007

Here and Now

Friday 29th June

The solstice hasn't affected me as much this year. Normally I'm depressed as hell, as the year starts to wind down, and the days get shorter. I know it takes a long time for it to become apparent, but it's happening none the less.

A year or so ago I bought a huge mother of a computer, that had at one stage in its life, been a server. I got it cheap and struggled to get it into the car. Prouder than a chipmunk with a horde of nuts, I set it up and moved most of my mp3 albums onto it (as well as a bunch of other stuff). It hasn't worked since. So today I pulled it apart, took out the hard drive, and found I had over fifty albums, a lot of writing I'd forgotten, and a recording of a rehearsal in 2004 where I played drums. All in all nearly 4Gb of data.

Factoid: The lavatory doesn't leak any more. Happiness.

Much to my surprise, and without thinking, I called M 'Babe' this afternoon. He grinned. After I got over the shock, I grinned too. :)

I'm utterly fed up with normality. I'm going to get off my face, then, maybe I'll be able to write something worthwhile.


Kitty said...

:D :D :D

Don't forget the Full Moon coming up tomorrow (Saturday.)

And will we be seeing some of that writing you discovered on the hard drive? :)

Kapitano said...

Life looks to be going okay for Camy. Maybe not great, but pretty good. It's not many of us get to find the man of our dreams, fewer still get to keep him, and as for unleaking lavatories...

And yes, it would be good to see some of that writing.

After you've got properly off your face, of course. Everyone shoud enjoy their debauchery.