Sunday, 1 July 2007

Off one's face

Part of the reason I originally moved down to the coast was to avoid membership dues to the 'getting off one's face' trap. So it was with trepidation (yeah right) that I got the call and rushed for the train (Whoopee!!!).

Mental salivation is just as good as physical in my opinion, though on the way up I much doubt anybody watching me would have known, and on the way back I could have cared less.

One thing I have missed is the eye candy (paragraph two equally valid here, too). Not that I knew it until I realised it was lashing down with rain. Normally, when I'm in central London, I walk. But the rain made it impossible - so I got the tube. People watching is the only pastime for brief tube travel, and lawks-a-lawdy there were some fine specimens of mankind to watch. ;)

I knew there was something I was missing!

Finally I make it from the parochial coast to the urbane dealers pad ... and much fun was had by all.

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