Friday, 15 June 2007


I'm not good with money. I love to spend it, and have had rather ... expensive habits over the years; so consequently my relationship with banks hasn't been exactly peachy.

You bounce a cheque and you get charged. You're bad and you get spanked. These things you learn as you grow up. However....

In 2006 some wise sage found out that it was actually illegal for banks to charge the extortionate fees they do when you are a 'bad' banker. I watched the documentary with sceptical interest, and thought 'no fucking way will he get his money back', then wandered off and sang a song, or some such. He did! And now so are lots of other people, including me!

Over the years the bank charges I've accrued (good word that) are not negligible, and it seems like I'll get them all back. They've already offered to settle for 50%

Consider me tickled pink.

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Kapitano said...

I trust you will be sensible with your reimbursements (another good word, that), and not spend them all at once on stuff you don't really need.

Heh heh. Enjoy.

I know someone who got £300 back from his bank, and immidiately spent it all on a top-of-the-range mountain bike. He now needs to find a place to keep it, and is planning a trip to somewhere hilly so he can ride it.