Friday, 2 February 2007

HP&TDH and other bits

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the final book in the Harry Potter cannon, is released on Saturday July 21st at one minute past midnight, and I, for one, can't wait.

The first slash fiction I stumbled across was Potter cannon stuff, and from there I went on to discover a whole new world. So, I owe JKR a big thank you. I can honestly say that had I not been 'turned on' to the Potter universe, I wouldn't have started writing, and wouldn't have met Kitty - my editor - or any of the other wonderful people I now know. Yep, it's an odd world.

'The Card' is finished, and ready for release on Valentines day. 'What Do You Think?' is also pretty much finished. It's a short of under a thousand words, and could be fitted into a longer story as a neat little scene, or stand alone by itself. I'm not sure which way to go.

Over at GA 'TheZot' has been writing a story in his blog. It's entitled 'Busted' and he releases a chapter every day. It's rough, and when it's finished he's going to edit it. But it's very refreshing to read something so 'instant'. I'm thinking of doing the same, though perhaps I should get Seraph out of the way first ... not to mention 'King of the Marsh'.

Right! Bedwards.

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Kitty said...

We humans do like to plan and control things (talk about hubris -- as if we can know what all of the possible outcomes for any given action could be). What a neat thing it is when something unexpected and wonderful comes out of something we've done.

For example ... for me to have come across the first few chapters of a little story you were writing back during the spring, not knowing who the heck you were or anything about you (and vice versa), and for me to write you out of the blue and see if you wanted someone to edit ... well, I had no idea where that was leading. Still don't, actually. All I know is now, and I smile everytime I think about it. :)

With regard to "Busted" ... putting your work out there in rough form for people to read takes guts ... or something. ;) :)