Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Onion skin blues

My analogy of the trial of life is the humble onion. 'tis my belief that every experience we have, every day that goes by, adds another layer to the skin ... until you are such a big bastard onion, you keel over and peg it. OK, so ignore the bit about the big bastard onion, and keeling over.

My point, as I sit here writing, is that I've accumulated too many layers of (onion)skin. I need to lose a vast number of them and get back to the cute little spring onion I once was.... Hmm, too many years of appallingly bad behaviour and habits might make this seem, to those who know me, impossible. However, with due diligence, and a fair wind, I'm sure I can succeed! ;) *coughs from laughing too much*

Oh well, and how was your day?


Kapitano said...

The thing about onions is...if you peel away all the surface layers, there's nothing left.

Maybe peeling away the accumulated years to reveal the real person underneath is like cutting a diamond away till you find the real diamond hidden inside...which turns out to be diamond dust.

There probably some booky metaphors in that idea.

Camy said...

Na, I want to peel away enough layers to be the onion I want to be.

You have to have faith that when you cut the diamond there is a Kohinoor underneath, not dust....