Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Humdrum daily weird

I think I've upset a friend of mine. I say, 'I think', because I received an odd email from them this morning. The friend is upset, and it's my interpretation that tells me I'm the root cause. I wouldn't mind if I'd actually upset them on purpose. But what I find annoying, is that I didn't, and I'm not even totally sure my interpretation of the email is right, and that it's me that did the upsetting.

The last paragraph probably won't make sense to anyone, except me ... which is tough, as it's my blog. So ... if you don't like it, you know what to do. See? Now that's designed to piss people off, without overtly being unpleasant. I wrote it, I'm culpable. I don't like having 'internet only' friends.
I printed out 'King of the Marsh'. After reading it through, I got rid of a chunk of rubbish; and it's now 94 pages of arial 12pt.

I now know what I have to do, which includes: a lot of punctuation, Tweaking several scenes that don't make sense, re-writing several others, and finishing the ending. Some of the erotic scenes have to go, too.
'Nyquist' is ready to go, though it was written for GA's fairy tale anthology, it's now so far past the deadline, I'm just going to post it at my site, and maybe e-fiction too.
The phone people came yesterday. After two weeks with a phone that sounded - when it worked - like a transmission from mars, and with adsl that was on and off - like a ho's dro's - they replaced the cable entirely. All was well with the universe, until this afternoon, when the crackling came back.
The repair bods will be back tomorrow. How hard can it be to connect a wire?

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Kitty said...

That paragraph did make sense to one other person. I am so sorry.

As to "Internet only" friends ... it's a brave new world we're having to get used to, here in midlife. On my good days, I find it exciting, fascinating, and see so many possibilities. On my not-so-good days ... well, do you think freaking out is too extreme of a description?

Some of the erotic scenes have to go, too.