Monday, 26 February 2007

Good Gig!

I really, really-really-really didn't want to play, but after all the angsty twaddle, and bollocksy butterflies, it ended up; not only being good fun, but being a good gig too. We've been booked back, got another booking from a different venue, and I watched as a guy in the audience sang along with the chorus to 'love song'.

I don't mean to sound arsey, but watching a total stranger singing a bit of a song you've written, has to be the best high on the planet.

Time to take my medication!


Kitty said...

Awesome. :D :D :D

Performing in public (singing or speaking, and I've done both) ... always nervewracking ahead of time, and then always an incredible high. Something about the energy going back and forth between me and the audience.

Hope the meds are helping the throat. :)

Kapitano said...

Great that it went well - though not surprising that it did, having seen you perform before.

I'm always amazingly calm about public singing and speaking...until ten minutes before I'm due to go on. Then the old stomatological lepidoptera happen with a vengence. I also get hypercritical of my performance as it happens.

Maybe this is the point where you start to feel excited about the band again?