Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Valentine felicitations

I would like to say Happy St.Valentine's Day to all those who happen by.
If you come by tomorrow, it'll be too late: unless you'd like to take the sentiment away with you, and keep it for next year. Feel free. And feel free to leave a comment, too. You know it makes sense.

Waffle over.

Camy :)


Kapitano said...

I've emailed you a small valentine story. Hope you enjoy, or are at least vaguely intrigued.

Camy said...

Off to check my email!

Kitty said...

Uh oh ... I'm late. *yikes*

Or is it ever too late for chocolate? :)

Camy said...

It's never too late for chocolate! ... unless you're on a diet, in which case; change the diet! ;)