Thursday, 4 January 2007

Writing and stuff

Seraph chapter six has been posted, and seven and eight are with Kitty, as I'm finishing nine - which leaves three chapters to go. Then ... I'm going to read it!

I'm working on a short called 'Around And Around We Go' of which I won't say more just yet, except I think it could be good ... but then I said the same thing about 'Barnaby' a completed short that - luckily - I was persuaded was ludicrous. I just re-read it, and it is. So thank you wise advice giving personage. ;)

Then there is 'King Of The Marsh'. I'm wondering if people will like Rabby, Raith, Scootch, Breezer and Bloat.

I think perhaps I need to win the lottery, so I can write on a beach in the Caribbean. Heh, delusions of grandeur methinks.


TOM said...

hey I need to win the lottery too!!! Good luck with your writing.

Kitty said...

'Around and Around We Go" ... great title :D. I can't wait.

Have I told you how much fun I'm having, working on these stories?

Kapitano said...

What were you saying about achieving something? Sounds like you're doing it.

Envious? Moi? Maybe just a little bit.