Thursday, 8 November 2007

Day 7

So what happened to day 6? well it was very nice, but no great shakes.
Just finished for the day at 12,011.

I've taken on board Kapitano's comments, but as I said they'll be dealt with at re-write. 'Harvest Time' will have a re-write as I'm determined to finish it come what may.

Thanks too to Kaiten and Sinbad. It's more fun writing when you have someone to write with or against. I know it's just a stupid word count, but the idea you're being left behind is a virtual spur up the bottom. And boy do I need a spur up the bottom ;)

I'm half way through my first 'sub-story' of which I'd planned five. I don't know how many there will end up being, but five seems a good number. The weirdness is kicking in too. Maybe I'm overdoing it, but then I can always snip it out at a later date.

I'm enjoying it ... which is the main thing. Hopefully Kitty will too. Ya can't be a writer without a Kitty. ;)

Nighty Night y'all


Kitty said...


I don't think there's anything you've written that I haven't enjoyed. Even Barnaby. ;)

Camy said...

Thank you, Kitty!

I'd almost expunged 'Barnaby' from my mind. ;)


Kitty said...

For some interesting reason, I seem to have fond memories of it. It might be just because I like the title character's name.