Saturday, 3 November 2007

Day 2

I've just finished day two with 4,373. And it's good, at least I think it's good. Okay, perhaps calling my own writing good is arrogant; but hell, I think it is. I think. ;)

I'm tempted to post it as I go, even though I've been advised against it. But seeing as I hardly have a zillion people reading this blog, does it matter? No it doesn't.

Hmm. I'll ponder some more.


Kitty said...

I'm still waiting to see what that "special NaNo outfit" looks like. ;)

Kapitano said...

I think it'd be nice to see (the first draft of) each chapter/story, posted as completed.

Just so long as you can ignore any suggestions, criticisms or comments on them until after you've finished the whole sequence. NaNoWriMo time is not for rewriting.

Unless you want to set aside a section of your AD space for them?

Camy said...

If I can catch him I'll take a picture for you, Kitty. Though I don't think he'll be keen.


Hmm. I'm still pondering the idea. Could I ignore being slagged off as 'the worst author the world has ever seen,' or conversely 'the best author in the world, and I want your baby.'

Ha! Fat chance ;)