Wednesday, 25 April 2007


I'm drawn to fantasy. No idea why, except I'd think I'd prefer to travel fantastical lands having adventures than have the hassle of the normal day to day mundane.

I started a story which was loosely about a bully at a boarding school. Now, like 'Nyquist', it's taken a left turn, and the hero finds himself in an otherworld where he makes friends with a Centaur called Ma'suela. How I got from the one to the other is beyond explanation ... if anyone knows, please tell me.

I feel like my life is holding its breath waiting. It's been sunny for the last week, and even though I love the sun I get the impression - I'll quote a title - 'something wicked this way comes'. I don't like it, but I don't feel as if I'm in control. Of course logically I am in control, but I'm not feeling it...

Here's an idea. I should sit down and write a blog entry for every mood. Kinda like blogging by numbers. Then I won't have to bother dredging up real feelings, just pick the requisite entry and post it. Hmm.

Snap out of it. Dolt.


Kapitano said...

Well, I'm drawn to sci-fi and detective fiction. The reasons aren't mysterious - they're more about intellect and order than emotion and "real life".

You're looking for escape, I just want things to make sense. There's the small matters of what you're supposed to do with yourself once you've escaped the mundane world, and what I'm supposed to do once order reigns, but fiction doesn't cover these issues.

Something wicked...? From your recent posts, there's a feeling of approaching some kind of crossroads. All I know is, when there's a crisis or change in the spiritual life, it's almost always really about something mundane involving money, job, friends etc.

The spiritual life is generally a reflection of the mundane life.

Kitty said...

Oooo ... Centaurs are fabulous (well, I didn't mean to make a pun there, but I guess I did. ;)) I can't wait to see this one. :)

Of course logically I am in control
You are? Just speculating (or projecting,maybe), but could be that's the mind viewing what's coming as "wicked" precisely because you're not in control of it, whatever "it" is.

Kinda like blogging by numbers.
OMG. That gives me a great idea. You know how bloggers go through cycles; we post a lot for months and then have spells where we can't seem to write anything? "Blogging by the numbers" software ... "for those days when you just don't feel like blogging."

Hmmm. And maybe "Story-writing by the Numbers" too, for those times when the Muse is on a vacation. ;)