Sunday, 7 October 2007

Nano server overload

So popular is NaNoWriMo now, that their server can't cope. Still, that doesn't stop the creative process, just one of the excuses as to why I haven't written anything.

Sandy (Dio) and Sinbad have both declared, so at least there are three to bounce off against, and I'm hoping Kitty takes part too.


Kapitano said...

...just to say...

I'm checking your Nanny Rhymoh every few days, and am looking forward to reading the result.

Actually, I'm looking forward to reading the result of the last one. [makes note]

I've had a brilliant idea for an invention for writers and language students. The Portable Mainline Caffine Drip!

It's the size of a small thermos flask, is fitted with replacable (or refillable?) caffine pouches, and there's a discreet tube leading to a convenient vein in the limb of your choice.

Good idea? :-)

Sandy said...

Did Kitty do it last year?

Camy said...

I'll sign up to check your 'Portable Mainline Caffine Drip'. It sounds perfect, though a little on the large size. Miniaturize it, and the market will come to you ....

No, she didn't. One can but hope. And I still can't get to read your blog. Grrrr.