Tuesday, 24 July 2007

The saga that is car

Leaving home my rear brakes seized. Lucky I was still on the drive as I'd be sitting on a cloud otherwise. Bought new rear brakes. Mick helped fit same, with lots of bickering. Then he insulted my neighbour - or rather he didn't, but you have to know his sense of humour.

Car to garage - now a daily trip - lots of shaking of heads, result of which is that car is booked for another full MOT test on Thursday: which it will fail as the brakes are not legal *cheesy grin* Around and around we go. Horses are cheaper, and you can stroke them.

How fed up am I?

How fed up do I sound. FUCK!

On the bright side, we have a gig on Thursday, which should keep our half dozen fans happy.

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