Friday, 30 March 2007

Galloping Banana Slugs & Muses...

Happy fools day! No, that's wrong. Happy day, fools! Nope. Damn. Anyway, I was kidnapped by aliens, I won a trillion Slovakian slotties on the lottery, and I have a newly found Twin a couple of years my senior. One of these is actually true.

No, really. I have discovered that I have a twin. Like me in nearly every way; except for age, sex, and country of residence. I think our parents might have something to say on the subject, but if they don't know, whose problem is that?

One day, dearest bloggeroo, I'll tell you her name ... but first we have to get the results back from the lab :P

Oak-ski-doke-ski, now a swift segue to my favourite topic of the moment...

We all talk flippantly about our 'Muse' - the part of us that inspires - being an individual, with a distinct character that is separate and different to us.
"Oh dear, my muse has gone on holiday." we say, knowing that there is no such 'being'.

By what if there were? What if there really was a part of our psyche that was as real and as individual as we are ourselves.


Kitty said...

Well, what's a little difference in time and space between twins? ;)

What if there really was a part of our psyche that was as real and as individual as we are ourselves.

To answer that, I'd need to know how "real and individual" I am to begin with ;). Only partly joking there, really, as I suspect you were in your question as well.

I think you're asking what's metaphorical and what's real ... at one level of human experience, the answer is that it's all real, and at another level, the answer is that it's all metaphorical.

I've done "inner child" work in therapy for years. I know that my "inner children" are aspects of my psyche that I'm choosing to label in that way, because it's what works for me now.

Extrapolating from that, however, what about the other labels we use that make navigating our way through life more easy?

BTW, I have to tell you, I read your current blog entry late last night, right after I did the page design for a story about zombies on the loose, so when I read your question suggesting that there is a separate entity in my psyche other than me, it kind of freaked me out. :O :P :D

Kapitano said...

My Muse makes me kill people.

But only because it likes mysteries.

If the muse is what provides inspiration, then my muse is always with me, because I'm constantly being inspired with ideas for stories, musical doodles and philosophical rambles.

Getting motivated to write the story, compose the song or even finish the ramble is another matter entirely. The most prolific writers are the most motivated, not the most inspired.

So in that sense, my muse doesn't feel like a seperate person. The motivation fairy though, is definitely a grungy teenager with a skateboard. He (I'm pretty sure it's a he) spends 24 or 48 hours hanging on like a limpet, refusing to let go, or let me go. Then disappears without a word for weeks on end.

The motivation fairy brings gumption. So I'll call him Gump.

Camy said...

I like the name Gump, though I fear my Muse would kill me if I started to call him Gump. He thinks he is an stunningly gorgeous and sensitive esthete - akin to a Greek God. I don't.... Hmm, maybe that's part of the problem ;)