Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Rowing not rowing

I hate rowing, especially with someone I love. How we've managed to get by for over a year without a row is honestly amazing, considering our personalities ... so I guess it was only to be expected that sooner or later we'd get on each others tits - that's a British expression, in case you were wondering.

It affected me deeply - probably more than I should admit; because I really, really thought that 'it' was all over. And all over paltry petrol money too. Stupid.

It was made worse because we were on our way to see friends - who knew nothing about the problem, so well we behaved in front of them.

When you know someone almost as well as you know yourself, you know all the right buttons to push, all the snidey comments to make to maximise the hurt ... and Lord do we know each other well. Too well maybe.

It's over now, but it's left a bitter taste that's going to take a while to totally dissipate. My rock wobbled, and I reacted badly. So much for predictive plate tectonics.


Kapitano said...

I suppose one way to look at it is: If it hurts when a relationship goes sour for a while, that means there's something still there to make it hurt.

If prodding at a nerve doesn't give you pain, that means the nerve's dead. And if trouble in a frienship doesn't bother you, the friendship wasn't real.

Another way is: A whole year till one argument? Impressive!

And a third might be: Whatever you were really upset about, it almost certainly wasn't petrol money, and probably had nothing to do with the relationship itself.

But what do I know? I've decided I'm too lazy to have relationships.

Kitty said...

Seems like there's row-ish energy out there in the universe right now.


So the honeymoon's over ... now the "real" relationship has started. You both apparently hung in there, so that should say something good about the relationship and each other's intentions and willingness to .. er .. hang in there.

Camy said...

Thank you both. :)

I've recovered, though perhaps recovered isn't the right word ... I'm over it. We talked, and all is well. We both know rows are a virtual inevitability. 'tis human nature to vent - like volcanoes.