Friday, 4 May 2007

For the disbelievers

For the man who said: "I'm not sure, but I don't think the Monster Raving Loony Party exists anymore. Didn't their leader shoot himself through the head some years ago?" I say nay! You give too much credence to those who would like to see only serious politics.

In my inestimable opinion Screaming Lord Such would have made a fine Prime-minister. There wouldn't have been a 'cash for honours' debate, as he would have handed them out freely to all and sundry, and probably legalised all sorts of nice things too... Ohh yeah maaaaan, let us paint number ten pink.

Here is the offical site

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Kapitano said...

I stand corrected and humbled. The Standing At The Back Looking Silly party do indeed still exist.

And it was hanging, not shooting.

Would the MRLP get us out of Iraq, or would they change the army uniform to a big bullseye? And which would get us out quicker?