Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Wail! Gnash! Frothing at the mouth!

It's getting on and I still need to work out a plot for NaNo.

Plot, plot, plot
Oh what, oh plot?

Hmmm ....

Help!? ;)


Kitty said...

Hmmm. A plot? Can't you just start writing and see what happens? ;) :D

Camy said...

Oh, oh, oh! I'm shocked!

When have you ever known me to write without a plot?

I spend weeks, nay months in careful preparation. I'm not one of those 'by the seat of your pants' people! God forbid ;)

*canters off giggling*

Kitty said...

Seems to me you said something recently about writing an "adult" story without the obligatory genre sex scenes. If you were to do something like that for NaNo, what would it look like?

Camy said...

It would be round with a flat top and knobbly strawberry shaped bits sticking out! Probably in blue with a hint of lemon! ;)

Kitty said...

Sounds delicious. :P